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Our Story

Our history and our famous recipe has its origin around the year of 1985.

Grandma Heriberta, "Doña Bertha", relocated from Monterrey, MX to Chicago, USA for a period of her life, it was in Chicago where she had the fortune of befriending a Salvadorian neighbor who taught her how to cook Salvadorian pupusas.

Throughout the years, grandma Bertha added her special touch to the recipe and taught her daughters how to cook pupusas her special way.

Ten years later, in 1995, Las Pupusas del Itacate was founded, in the Ribereña neighborhood, in Reynosa, Tamaulipas by one of her daughters.


Twenty-two years after its foundation, and thanks to the love and loyalty of our customers, "Las Pupusas del Itacate" expands to serve the RGV community with our location in Pharr TX and our newest location in the city of McAllen TX, now under the shorter (easier) name "El ITACATE".

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